Oil increase flexability and polish wear

Celebrity Q and A'sI have read recently on the boards that using a certain cuticle oil can increase the flexibility and wear of nail polish. If polish is an impenetrable lacquer how is this possible? Is there any truth in that statement ? Millie 12/99

If nail polish were impenetrable, how could you remove it? Acetone and other solvents quickly penetrate the nail polish/enamel/lacquer (whatever you want to call it). Nail polish is water resistant, but that not the same as impenetrable. We can see that certain oils can quickly penetrate skin while others sit on the surface. The same is true for nail color.
Many things can penetrate nail color. Some more than others. Some penetrate way too much! Sunscreens can penetrate and soften nail polish so much that it slides off the nail. However, a properly formulated, light oil can help polish maintain its flexibility and prevent chipping. This is even more important for enhancements, since they remain on the nail plate much longer.

Doug Schoon
Director of Research & Development
Creative Nail Design, Inc.

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