Severe heel callus

Celebrity Q and A'sI have a client that has a burning sensation in the balls of her feet. The burning sensation is only when she stands or walks. She is a school teacher and wears comfortable shoes. She says this has occurred her whole adult life. She has hard calluses there, that just don't want to go away. I have used sloughing lotion with and without a foot file. I have used CND Callous treatment, that worked better, but I just can't seem to get it. She got the pads that supposed to eat the callous away, but I am not seeing a difference. What could this be? Kim 6/00

Calluses are the skins way of protecting its' self from an  irritation. If the callus did not form then a blister would! The symptom of a callus is burning. As the callus forms the nerves in the skin under the callus become irritated and cause the burning sensation. The callus is forming because of the way the client transfers her weight from the heel out through the ball of her foot when she walks. She was born to walk that way and can not change this. That is why the callus keeps forming. 

Orthotics made to a cast of the clients feet in many instances can change the weight bearing pattern and at least slow down and sometimes stop the formation of the callus. If the client wants to try and do anything about the callus she should be referred to a local podiatrist for a good diagnosis as to why the callus is there and worked up for a orthotic. If the callus is that thick that the Nail Professional can not keep it comfortable then the podiatrist can trim it properly and then the Nail Professional can keep it comfortable with pedicures.

Dr. Oscar Mix

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