Adverse reactions during enhancements.

Celebrity Q and A'sWhat are the adverse reactions during nail application and how to deal with them.Natasha 6/00

Adverse reactions that occur in nail services may include acid burning (from primer), slow progressive allergic sensitization, or excess heat on the nail. Primer burns and allergic sensitization can be prevented by keeping primer, nail monomer liquids, gels, and glues off the skin AT ALL TIMES, or cleaning them off immediately if contact occurs. (Once a person becomes allergic, it is irreversible.) Excess generation of heat sometimes happens with UV-cured products; the solution is to pull the hand out of the light box for a few moments and let the finger cool. Heat may also be a problem with spray cured wraps; use less spray next time if there's a problem. 

Paul Bryson. Ph.D.
Co-Director of R&D
OPI Products, Inc.

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