Speading infections

Celebrity Q and A'sI have a question about using products on people with mold or fungus. If a clients has either, if I use a polish on them can I give it to other clients? I also know that usually a file that has the infections can also be passed on but, can I use the same file with infection on separate client that also has the infection? If a client has a few infected nails but not all can the same file be used? 

The polish brush should not transfer an infection from one to another. The fungus does not live in the polish.

Using the same file on a different client in ok IF you use files that can be sanitized then disinfected with a disinfectant that is fungicidal. This can be done with files like "Tropical Shine" which can be left in the solution for the proper length of time or the metal diamond file by "Erica" that can be left in the disinfectant between uses as long as the disinfectant has a antirust capability. You do not know what species of fungus is infecting a nail without culturing it. There are many different species of fungus that infect nails so what one client may be infected by may be an entirely different species that is infection another client. Sanitation and then disinfection of the instruments is the only way to be safe.

In my opinion you can use the same file on infected nails and uninfected nails on the same client. In 30 years of grinding nails on patients I can not say I have seen the infection transferred in this way. Practice proper sanitation technique by having the client wash their hands before and after the service. With a pedicure you are washing the feet in a sanitizing solution anyway.

Hope this helps.

Dr. Oscar Mix

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