Monomer liquid crystallizing

Celebrity Q and A'sI am having trouble with my monomer liquid crystallizing. I keep it warm and I warm the clients hands but it still crystallizes to the point where the nails have to redone again. Claudia 8/00

What you are seeing cannot be caused by "crystallization". True crystallization is caused by low temperatures. Water can freeze into crystals, so can monomer liquid. But not all monomer liquids will crystallize. For example, Radical has a freezing point that is well below -20F. It is impossible for Radical to crystallize in the salon.

What you are probably seeing is called "frosting". It looks similar to crystallization, but is very different. Frosting is caused by rapid evaporation of the liquid monomer. When salt water evaporates, it leaves salt crystals behind. When monomer liquid evaporates, it leaves the powder behind. Usually, the powder sits on the surface of the enhancement and files/dust off easily. It looks like crystallization, but it isn't.

Frosting occurs just on the surface. When product crystallize, it must be removed completely. The crystals file off leaving a totally bare spot on the natural nail. The entire enhancement must be removed when product crystallizes.

Why is this happening to you? It is very likely that your problem is related to the "warmth" of your liquid. You say you are keeping it warm. If it feels warm to your hand, the temperature of the liquid is over 100F (since your hand is 99F). That is much, much too warm! Never work with any monomer liquid when it is that warm. These liquids should be used between 65-85F, which is why I don't recommend warming any monomer liquid. Other problems are created when you warm the liquids this much. Ingredients are evaporating very quickly from your product. This will change the chemistry of the liquid and often causes service breakdown. This is also why it is important to control the salon's temperature. Hope this information helps.

Doug Schoon
Director of Research & Development
Creative Nail Design, Inc.

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