Diabetics and nail services.

Celebrity Q and A'sCan you tell me if diabetics should or should not wear artificial nails. Jessica 9/00

I would answer this with reservations. Not that the diabetic should not wear enhancements but who is putting them on and how severe is the diabetes. 

These 3 questions give a very cursory idea as to the severity of the diabetic condition. To be really safe I recommend that the Nail Professional get an OK from the Internist who takes care of the diabetic or a dermatologist who treats the client. I was asked to testify for a legal defense for a Nail Professional who applied enhancements to a diabetic who subsequently lost her finger. I do not believe the Nail Professional was at fault but there were no records and therefore the case was indefensible and was settled out of court. Moral of the story - Protect Yourself with records!

Dr. Oscar Mix

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