Pocket lifting theory.

Celebrity Q and A'sI've had some serious thought as to the causes of "pocket lifting" can you confirm  or correct this theory? The thumbs are larger, they get banged around more often, product does do a bit of shrinking as it cures and if the ratio is even slightly too wet in this large area of the thumb nail plate it will "pucker" is the best word that comes to mind right now.. and cause the pocket or lift dead center with the rest of the product attached like cement :) Now she bangs that baby, I bet it doesn't have to be even a bang she'll take notice of.. and eeeee eeee eeee there goes that pocket.. slightly larger now.. she bangs it again and it spreads again.. How does this theory hold up in the chemical world of nails? Debbie webmaster beautytech.com

Wow! Someone sure knows their product chemistry. This explanation is right on the money. Excess liquid=excess shrinkage. The more liquid you use, the greater the product will shrink. Also, the more curved the nail plate, the greater will be the effect of shrinkage. Just like a magnifying glass focuses light, a curved nail plate will focus the forces of shrinkage. These forces will be focused to the apex (highest point on the nail) and in the center of the plate. So that is where the product will pop free if these forces become excessive.

I also I agree with the thumb issue. The more product you use (more on the large fingers and thumb) the more the shrinkage. Therefore, the most likely nails to form center pocket lifting are; large nails with great curvature and the product is applied too wet.

Once the pocket forms, if the lifting opens it to the outside world, then bacteria can get into the space. An open pocket can breed common bacteria and cause "greenies". It all makes sense if you think about it.

Doug Schoon
Director of R&D
Creative Nail Design, Inc.

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